Institutional And Social Responsibility

Ronesans Energy acts as an investor aware of its social and environmental responsibilities since its establishment. We pay maximum attention to comply with human rights, environmental health and precautions in all of our activities.  In regions where we invested, we are contributing to the local people and the environment not only by our energy investments but also social responsibility projects. 


Potable and utility waters deprived of water since 40 years were brought to approximately 30 houses located in Balaban location of Yukarıgüney Village from a distance of 4, 5 km. 

Approximately 350 thousands square meters of agricultural lands belonging to Yukarıgüney and Donanlı Villages have been provided with irrigation water.  Also, water supply was provided to Donanlı Village by drilling 3 water wells.  

– Arrangement and stabilization of access roads to Karakale and Donanlı Villages have been made.  
– 5.000 trees shall be planted in the project area in the scope of the project.  
– Scholarships are awarded to 14 students in total in the scope of the project.


– Building construction of Taşova Vocational High School consisting of 12 classes with a capacity of 720 students at Amasya University was started in August 2013 and is planned to be completed in May 2014.  

– Food aids have been made to neighboring villages every Ramadan since the year 2010.  

– Water reservoir was constructed for drinking and irrigation purposes at Ediyeri Quarter. 

– A bridge was constructed in order to provide access to the cemetery belonging to Durucasu Village.  

–  A 2-km-long road was constructed in order to provide access to agricultural lands of Kışlacık Village.  
–  Scholarships are awarded to 59 students in total in the scope of the project. 


–  Report card presents were given to the students of the Primary School of Yalnızca Village.

– Excavation and earthmoving works were carried out for the landscape of Karabük University.

– A water reservoir was constructed for usage in forest fire fighting and agricultural irrigation at Kayhalar Village.

– Bank improvement of Eğriova Pond of the Department of Forestry was carried out.

– A meeting was held with the local community for giving information to the Villages about the Project

– Evening dinners are given to surrounding villages for fast-breaking in Ramadan every year. 

– Mukhtar’s Building of Kahyalar Village was restored and its windows were replaced. 

– Mosque Lodging Building of Prinçlik Quarter in Kayhalar Village was constructed.

– Air-conditioner purchase for the Mosque of Bolkuş Village and Yalnızca Quarter.

– Asphalt paving and afforestation works were carried out for the access road to Bolkuş Village.

– Afforestation work was carried out in the project site in the scope of the Project.

– Greening and afforestation works carried out within the frame of the Project.  
– Purchase of irrigation pipes of 7,5 km long for agricultural irrigation of Kahtalar Village.  
– Scholarships are awarded to 34 students in total in the scope of the project.