Areas Of Activity


Renaissance Energy was founded in 2007 for the purpose of investing in renewable energy projects. Yalnızca HPP, which is the company’s first hydroelectric power plant project, started generating power in October 2009. Yalnızca HPP was followed by other Renaissance Energy projects Kale HPP, Osmancık HPP, Sena HPP and Özlüce HPP in 2013, raising its total installed capacity to 115 MWm.  Most recently, Rönesans Enerji added Şanlıurfa HPP to its power generation portfolio in 2016, rising its installed capacity to 166 MWm by the end of 2016. With an eye to further increasing installed capacity, Renaissance Energy is currently developing Doğanlı 1, Doğanlı 2, Doğanlı 3 and Çukurca Dam Projects, which total 770.60 MWm in installed capacity. The company closely follows the energy market, maintaining the goal to invest in feasible projects.


Rönesans Elektrik Enerji Toptan Satış A.Ş. – Rönesans Elektrik Ticareti (Rönesans Electric Energy Wholesale Co. Inc. – Rönesans Electricity Trade) is a subsidiary of Rönesans Holding and established under Renaissance Energy in 2012. Rönesans Electricity Trade is established with the aim to carry out trade activities in the field of wholesale energy supply, in accordance with the Law No: 6446 on the Electricity Market put into force in 2013. In this regard Rönesans Electricity Trade provides the electrical energy it has generated from its own power plants or purchased from other electricity generators or electricity trading companies to eligible consumers at an affordable price. With its strong financial structure, Rönesans Electricity Trade aims to become Turkey’s most known wholesale electrical energy provider by 2023.